Zoho is offering job opportunity as Software developer


Zoho | Software developer
Eligibility: 0 - 2 years of experience

Job Description:
Develop, test and implement new software programs.
Write clean and efficient code.
Troubleshoot, debug and maintain the existing software programs.
Collaborate with UX team to identify areas to improve in the existing programs and develop them.
Monitor quality, performance and usage of the developed functionalities in the applications.
Help marketing team to launch the feature
Understand domain, monitor customer feedback and recommend improvements to the applications.
Work closely with other developers, designers, support representatives to manage and enhance the applications.
Process Details:

The entire process will include 5 rounds. All rounds will be conducted online. Round 2-5 will be conducted using video conferencing.

You will need:
1. A laptop/computer with front camera
2. Good internet connectivity

Round 1:
General Aptitude test.
Duration: 1 - 2 hours.

Round 2:
Programming round | Duration: 3 hours.
5 programs will be given to solve. You need to explain the logic, write code and show the output. You can code in any programming language you are comfortable with(C/C++/Java/etc).

Tools Needed:
1. Zoho will share an online meeting link for the candidates to join the video conference. The candidates will be asked to share the screen as they develop the code. The interviewer may ask questions as the code is being developed.
2. Candidates will need any IDE(Turbo C/dev C++/etc) installed in their laptop/computer.

Round 3:
Advanced Programming round | Duration: 3 hours
1 program (with complex nature) will be given. You need to explain the logic, write code and show the output.

Tools Needed:
Same as Round 2.

Round 4:
Technical Interview | Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours
Face to face interview where your technical skills, problem solving and thinking skills will be evaluated.

Round 5:
HR Interview
Duration: 1 hour
Face to face interview with HR.
Shortlisted candidates will be informed via email.
More details will be sent in the call letter.
Please do not apply if:
Kindly refrain, if you have attended the interview in last 3 months

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