CISCO Cyber Security Internship 2023


About the program
As an ongoing effort to set skilling as a national priority and transform India into a digital talent hub, CISCO, AICTE, and NASSCOM FutureSkills PRIME are launching a virtual internship program to provide 20,000 virtual internships in cybersecurity through Cisco Networking Academy program. This unique collaboration between industry and the government will help build a pool of skilled talent significant for future jobs relevant in the industry. Details of this program as indicated below:
1. 2nd and 3rd year engineering students studying in any engineering institutions which is Cisco Networking Academy can participate in this program
2. Students will have to complete Introduction to Cyber Security, Introduction to Packet Tracer and Cyber Security Essentials courses via contacting NetAcad instructor at their institution or via Cyber Security Internships pathway at FutureSkills PRIME ( )
3. Once student complete the courses and submit certificate of completion at (approved students will receive link to create account in April 2021), they will be invited for a 3 hours industry session hosted by Cisco.
4. Post industry session, students will work in guidance of faculty coordinator at their institution for designing a secure network for their institutions on Packet Tracer Simulation tool.
5. Once the project work is finished and submitted, students will have to appear for a final quiz.
6. Eligible students will get a virtual internship certificate.
7. Please note that this program is run as part of the digital skilling initiative in partnership with NASSCOM and AICTE by Futureskills Prime. This is NOT to be confused with Cisco India's Standard Internship Program (managed through Cisco's careers page)

At the end of the internship, students may receive an internship certificate depending on the quality of work

Who can apply?
Only those candidates can apply who:

are from B.Tech. / B.E.
and specialisation from Any
are available for duration of 2 Months
have relevant skills and interests
Terms of Engagement
1. Prospective interns will be shortlisted by committees, as may be described by the Managing Director from time to time, on the basis of screening of their bio-data and recommendations of the sponsoring Institute.
2. Placement of interns will be made at HO/LINAC/ROS depending upon the preference of the Interns and requirement of NCDC.
3. The intern will be supervised by an officer designated as Mentor for the purpose of providing orientation, guidance, special assignment and other SIP related activities.
4. Ince of interns at RD, he/she would be expected to focus on cooperative and prepare a business plans/project report on expansion of business of the cooperative society. The intern will submit a written report, within two weeks of completion of his/her laternship giving detailed description of the work completed. He/she will highlight the experience gained and how he/she plans to use it further.
5. The business plan/project report submitted by the intern will be the property of NCDC and the intern would have no claim on its use in any manner.
6. Findings of study, research and analysis by intern shall not be used for publication by the Intern.
7. There shall be no liability, whatsoever, on NCDC on account of action or inaction or on findings of the business plan/project report/detailed report submitted by the intern or action taken by him/her during SIP.
8. The intern shall submit 5 copies of fair typed report in bound form along with soft copy, to NCDC as a part of SIP. Last month's consolidated amount of Rs. 10,000/- shall be paid upon successful completion of internship which includes submission of reports etc.

Number of openings

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